Whale Shark Watching + Canyoneering Adventure

There are three canyoneering locations in Cebu that offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. This 3 – 4 hour adventure is a must-try for sports enthusiasts, like the stunning blue and turquoise waters. It is undeniably the most thrilling activity available in Cebu. For those unfamiliar with canyoneering, the concept is quite simple. Equipped with a life jacket and helmet, participants will jump and slide through the river, immersing themselves in the heart of the jungle. The main allure of this activity lies in the water itself, with its vibrant blue hue captivating divers and creating a mesmerizing experience. Whale shark watching and canyoneering adventure can fill your day with extreme and fun adventures.

Whale Shark Watching + Badian Canyoneering

From Php 3,000 per person

price per person varies by group size

Canyoneering to Kawasan Falls in Badian is widely regarded as one of the most sought-after activities Cebu. In addition to its crystal clear water, the lush jungle surrounding the area attracts people seeking thrilling adventures. The entire experience typically lasts around 3 hours, culminating at the awe-inspiring Kawasan Falls at the end of canyoneering.

Canyoneering Features

Whale Shark Watching + Alegria Canyoneering

From Php 3,100 per person

price per person varies by group size

The Canlaob River where Alegria canyoneering happens is still connected to Kawasan Falls in Badian. However, it offers a less challenging experience with a shorter course time and fewer jumping locations compared to Badian. Nevertheless, the surrounding scenery is equally stunning.

Canyoneering Features

Whale Shark Watching + Kabutongan Falls Canyoneering

From Php 2,800 per person

price per person varies by group size

Kabutongan falls is a newly discovered Canyoneering destination in Cebu. It offers fewer jumping spots compared to Alegria and Badian. However, this location is ideal for individuals seeking to appreciate the beauty of nature, relax, and those who are not inclined to conquer great heights. Kabutongan focuses more on activities such as trekking, swimming, exploring short waterfalls, and visiting a cave.

Canyoneering Features

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