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Geographically situated in Cebu, Oslob is a fourth-class municipality. It was once a small and quiet coastal town. However, it became a tourist hotspot because of the whale sharks or “Butanding” as they call it in Filipino. Every once in a while, the whale sharks gather on the coastline of Oslob to nurture themselves and breed. Since then, whale shark watching has been a trending activity.

Highlights on Oslob Whale shark Watching

  • Relax in a fun boat ride and have this once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch the whale sharks swim.​
  • Enjoy a thrilling experience to be able to swim with the whale sharks and meet them up close.​
  • Dip yourself in its chilly water, and climb up the amazing Tumalog Falls in Cebu!​
  • Make it a personal adventure – book a private tour instead

What's Included

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Estimated Itinerary

The final pick-up time may change during peak and monsoon seasons on which early pick-up time is required.

What to Expect

Ride a paddle boat

Snorkel with the whale sharks

Cool down at Tumalog Falls (closed at the moment)

Activity Policy​

Terms and Conditions​

Whale Shark No Sighting Policy

There is a possibility that whale sharks may not be seen during the tour or activity was suspended due to unpredictable nature, inclement weather, and other environmental factors that are beyond our control. In such an occurrence, we regret to inform you that there will be no refund on the used transportation charges.


Free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to departure time, otherwise will be based on our Terms and Conditions.

From ₱2,300 per person
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4 years old & above

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Whale Shark Watching operation status based on February 12, 2024, up to date

Please be advised that with the ongoing Northeast Monsoon, whale shark watching activities are serving slowly, affecting whale shark sightings, or an early closure may be implemented for safety reasons. The Northeast Monsoon brings strong winds and rough seas, making visitors and boatmen unsafe and impacting marine life’s movement patterns, including whale sharks. While we strive to provide exceptional whale shark viewing opportunities, we want to highlight that due to reduced sightings, you may not experience the encounter during this period due to the unpredictable nature of marine conditions. We will monitor weather conditions closely and provide updates when operations return to normal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.