Scuba Diving with whale Sharks + Canyoneering in Badian


Scuba diving with the whale sharks in Oslob and canyoneering in Badian will be full of fun and amazing adventures.

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the water that appears in Oslob every day, reaching lengths of 40 feet or more, which is why scuba divers are so eager to dive with these beautiful and gentle giants. Scuba diving is the best way to witness these gentle giants; diving is the finest way to swim with them.

Our scuba diving with whale sharks tour package includes all necessary diving equipment. Divemasters accompany all divers, whether licensed or unlicensed. For first-timers, we also provide thirty (30) minutes of introductory diving instruction for an extra cost.

After scuba diving, you will proceed to another adrenaline rush adventure in Badian through a river course downstream to Kawasan waterfalls.

What's Included

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What to Expect

scuba diving with whale sharks in oslob

Dive with a diving master

oslob scuba diving

Dive closely with these giant, beautiful and gentle creatures

tumalog falls in Oslob

Side trip to Tumalog waterfalls

badian canyoneering tour package
Challenging downstream in a river and canyons
downstream in Canlaob river
Swim in a river with turquoise waters and lush vegetation view
See huge boulder rocks while traversing the river

Activity Policy​

Whale Shark No Sighting Policy

There is a possibility that whale sharks may not be seen during the tour or activity was suspended due to unpredictable nature, inclement weather, and other environmental factors that are beyond our control. In such an occurrence, we regret to inform you that there will be no refund on the used transportation charges.


Free cancellation up to 48 hours prior to departure time, otherwise will be based on our Terms and Conditions.

From ₱5,000 per person
price per person varies by group size


Certified diver

With/without experience

Non-diver participant

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